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Are you Interested in Buying a Business? Needing to speak to an Experienced Business Broker? Do you need advice and assistance with the processes needed in Buying a successful business?

I,  Louis Kearney as the owner of Pretoria Business Brokers have more than 25 years experience in Business and have 15 years experience selling Businesses. While we sell all kinds of Businesses ranging from Manufacturing, Motor related businesses, we do specialize to a large degree on Franchise Businesses like Wimpy's, SPAR, Mug and Bean etc. since there is so much demand for it. We currently have more than 100 Business for sale and new ones are added everyday while others get sold).

The reality is that while many people are Interested to own a Business of their own, the chances are statistically very low that they will actually buy. We spend much time with Buyers who can either not make the decision to purchase right now or are not yet in position or who do not have enough money to purchase now. For this reason we offer a Consultation Service where Buyers are welcome to talk to me, get advice, get pointers and ask General questions.

The Fee per Consultation (1 hour) is R990, payable at the time of the Consultation. When you purchase a Business from Pretoria Business Brokers, this amount will be refunded to you in full! The Consultation will be held at the Wimpy restaurant at Queens Corner, (corner of Soutpansberg Rd and Stead ave's, Queenswood, Pretoria) at a time convenient to you.

To make an appointment contact Louis on 012-751 6050 or on 079 872 3339 (per SMS also fine) or you may send an email to  We will then reply to confirm. You are required to PLEASE make a confirmation call on the morning, before the appointment so confirm your attendance!

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Directions from Johannesburg

From Johannesburg International Airport take the R21 highway to Pretoria. Take the Pietersburg/Polokwane (N1 North) turn-off and continue in a northerly direction. Take the Pretoria /N4 off-ramp left towards Pretoria City, Turn right in Duncan str (Jan Shoba) at traffic lights, go over the hill Name change to Gordon. Queens Corner will be on your left towards the bottom just after crossing Soutpansberg rd.


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Dros East Rand     Click  here for more information For Sale-R4.5m-Net R170,000pm.
The Property Club Tel 079 872 3339 Buy property with others
Well know restaurant Tel 012 751 6050   Net R120,000 pm-Asking R2.98m
Pretoria Business Brokers Tel 079 872 3339 Businesses for sale all over South Africa
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Welcome to the Professionals,  Pretoria Business Brokers.
We specialize is Selling quality Businesses to those wanting solid, sound businesses.
We are also the best and finding willing and able Buyers for those wishing to sell their Businesses.


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Thank you for visiting Pretoria Business Brokers. We are continually looking for quality businesses for our buyers!!

We are happy to announce that we now have more Businesses, each with their own distinct function under one umbrella -

Pretoria Business Brokers                       PBB        (Business Marketing)
South African Business Club                   SABC      (Business Investments)
Pretoria Business Consortiums                PBC 
     (Business Syndications)
Pretoria Business Consortiums C
ombos  PBCC     (Business Consortium Combos)
Pretoria Business Advertising                 PBA 
      (Business Advertising)
Pretoria Property Brokers                       PPB 
      (Property Brokers)
Pretoria Property Consortiums                PPC 
Top Groups                
                             Specialize in Marketing and promotions of Businesses
Top Businesses                
                       Advertise direct on Google
Top Guesthouses                
                   Brilliant Promotions and Marketing for SA Top Guesthouses

Welcome to our Business Marketing Website. We specialize in the advertising, marketing and selling of Top Quality Businesses and Franchises ranging from SPAR'S, WIMPY'S, DROS, STEERS, Greenfields, MIMMOS, MUG AND BEAN to Factories, Hardware stores and all other types of businesses. The Website give buyers basic information and show photos of some of our businesses that are presently for sale. The site is updated on a regular basis and ALL our businesses available are listed.

Selling your business. We can help you sell your business by advertising your business on this, our very famous and popular web site. Click on the link and complete the form which will then automatically be forwarded to us. We link all adverts (web page options) individually to Google) to secure you with maximum exposure. Very Important: You will need to consult wit us to obtain a reasonable "Market Based" valuation for your Business (this will cost you between R1.000 and R1.500 if your Business is in Pretoria

Business Valuations - Click here.

Listing your business. You may list, advertise and sell your business quickly on this website from as little as R499 once off (listing only) or R999 for Listing and Adverts on various other Websites as well (see below). Complete as much information as possible and we will advertise it for you on our very successful website -we have had more than 100 000 buyers visiting the site-click here. 

The Second option is the Better and more effective Option:
Adverts on various powerful websites & pages PLUS a GOOGLE enabled Website specially created for the sale of your business, including hosting for up to 5 months and listed with up to 100 Search Engines (all inclusive once off only R999)

Business Consultations. As the principal of Pretoria Business Brokers,  Louis Kearney have had many years experience in Business, both as a owner but also in an Advisory capacity assisting Buyers and Sellers to make the correct business decisions. Louis is available to consult and advise you in Selling or Purchasing a business. The Consultation fee is only R990 per hour, payable in advance. 

Business Consortiums & Property Syndications. Pretoria Business Brokers offer various Business and Investment opportunities. Opportunities are ideal for those who would like to invest in a business but do not have sufficient funds available to buy a business of their own, or you may prefer ownership without the need to actively run and manage the day to day activities of the business. For more info visit our website . If you prefer to rather invest in Property, we now offer the opportunity for Investors to purchase Top-End properties with us in Property Consortiums.

Investors. Many buyers are when looking to buy a business, looking for investors either as partners or purely as investors being paid a fixed monthly/annual Interest. This is a brilliant way to finance the purchase price and cash flow of the business. Such investor will naturally help and advise the owner with the running of the business making it a "two heads are better than one" scenario. Such investors will normally become partners in the business, generating regular monthly cash flow and passive income while remaining in their present employment. See such opportunities here!

Needing Finance? We can help you to raise finance above R250.000, for any purpose-buying a business, an opportunity, a development! We also write business plans and do business Due Diligences! Send an email explaining your requirements to  

Thank you for visiting Pretoria Business Brokers. We are continually looking for quality businesses for our buyers!!

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