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Our website is a extremely effective and have daily, high profile visitors from all over the World who are very serious about buying a business - and they have the money to buy.The fact that our site is regularly updated with fresh information, the way we display the businesses information, the rating system we use and the fact that everything is compact and clear, are all factors that appeal to buyers and make this website one of South Africa's most popular business websites. 

Unfortunately we cannot personally sell all business listed with us. For this reason we are willing to assist you by allowing you to list your business on our website. We will display YOUR contact details to the buyers who will then contact you directly. You will be able to SAVE a lot of money using this method since you will not need to pay any Brokers Commissions.

We now offer two special options -You may advertise either by way of a

  • Basic Listing for three Months - only R500 once off

  • Advanced listing with photos only R2 500 (small website built for you).


  • Payment MUST be made before advert will be placed. If you do not want us to advertise your business, but rather sell it actively, please indicate so next to your name.

Info needed to advertise/sell your business

Complete as much info as possible. If not sure please leave the question un-answered  (Items marked with  * must please be completed

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